Exchange Driving Licences in Spain

Hello and welcome to Your one stop site for exchanging your driving licence for a Spanish equivalent. Sign up today for an incomparable nationwide service providing step by step guides and assistance through the whole process of obtaining a Spanish driving licence.

All you have to do is sign up and we will guide you through every little detail of the process and give you access to flawless guides and told to help you along the way as well as contact service to clarify any question you may have before, after or during the process.

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Step 1: Registration

By registering we can capture all the details we need to prepare your paperwork and book your appointment. After registration you will receive guides for every step of the process and be able to access our step by step checklist.
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Step 2: Document uploads

Upload scans or photos of your documents so we can check them over to make sure they are correct.
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Step 3: Medical

You will have to undergo a basic medical to check you are fit to drive, once you get to this stage, we will help you to find a centre near you and provide you with guides about the process.
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Step 4: Attend your appointment

We will now have booked you an appointment at your chosen Tráfico office, which you will need to attend with everything our guides tells you to take. This is the last step of paperwork before your licence is exchanged and sent out to you.

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We offer an incomparable guided service through the process of exchanging your European driving licence for a Spanish one.

As a member of our website you will receive a step by step guide, covering you from start to finish. Your appointment will be booked for you, at an office of your choice across Spain at a time convenient to you. You will receive directions to the offices along with script, to avoid any communication barriers. Your paperwork is prepared for you and sent to you securely in plenty of time, you have nothing to worry about other than attending a medical centre to perform a brief health check to ensure that you are medically fit to drive (we will point you in the right direction based on where you reside and also offer you a guide for the medical process), obtaining some photographs and making a few photocopies of your identity documents to hand in on the day.

Our site will take you through each step at your own pace. You will be able to update the system to let us know what stage you are at and what you have to do next. This removes any room for error. You will also be able to upload photographs or scans of your documents as you go along for us to verify, to ensure that everything is correct for you on the day.

Our system is fool proof, if you follow every step in our guides there will be nothing in your way to securing your Spanish driving licence and becoming a fully registers Spanish road user. Timescales for the process t complete vary in differnet offices and regions however the documentation required is the same nationwide.

We provide our contact details on the forms in case of any email communications prior to the issue of your licence, we will then notify you of any updates.

All you have to do to start is fill in our sign-up form so that we can capture the relevant details to get your process started. Providing that you have all the documents necessary, you could have completed the whole process within 2 weeks.

Once you have submitted your application at tráfico, you will receive provisional paperwork enabling you to drive in Spain in the interim. You are normally required to surrender your native licence on the day and the new licence is sent out to you by post.